10 October, 2011

Hey you ! Do you know the feeling...

Tiiättekö sen tunteen, kun haluis kertoo jotain tosi kivaa mutta ei suomeks mutta muilla kielillä ei osaa kertoo sitä? Mulle kävi taas niin. :c Mun englanti on sen verran heikkoo viellä, että sillä ei kamalasti hehkuteta... Ruotsi on vielä kauheempaa.. Ja saksaks osaan sanoo jopa "Ich gehe schlafen", mikä tais muuten mennä väärin.. En ees jaksa korjata :DD
About my English.. Awful, I know! You don't have to tell me that :c Every duckin' lesson I realize it and straight away comes *wristcutcutcut*-attack-thing... Do you know what I'm talking about? :DD Of course you don't. Well anyway... Um, had something on my mind just a sec ago ^^ Sry. I forgot it, not new to me.... Ha ha. 

All you have noticed that I'm super stupid? Good, in that case don't even ask what I'm trying to explain here.... Because, I don't know that either :c AND THIS TEXT SOUNDS SO STUPID AAAAR! What's wrong with me?... I'd like to know.. If you the answer, tell me? Of course I just can't fix those mistakes but still ^^ 

My word order sucks, I know... But it's overrated, totally (; At least I think it is... But in fact, it's not. I'm just too lazy to fix mine. 
Hey, I found a picture... This ah-so-beautiful pic mirrors (?) my mood ! Ha ha, do not throw up 8D

My mood yesterday and today

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