11 September, 2011

Something in English and swedish(jättelite)

It's time to type something in English again. I have three days left to study. I have exam of philosophy at Wednesday. Aaaaa, it's gonna kill me D: There's so many new terms I don't know. I need to learn them before that fcnkin' exam.................... Is is possible? Huh?

Me and few moments I'll never forget
Just can't understand myself. First I wanted to let my hair grow but now.... I want to cut it just like I did cut it at winter....... But still I'd like to have as long hair as I have in my picture on top of the blog... (Did you understand what I tried to say? Don't worry, me neither.)

Hej, jag är jättetröt nu. Ja, jag sovte över nio timmer men ändå. Och jag är så död..... "Ganska livlig för död..." Tack syrran ^^

Älskar er
Lova you guys

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