18 December, 2011

Social networking online

[[[[[ Social network is quite a common term nowadays. You've probably heard people talking about Facebook and Twitter. And if you haven't, god you've been lucky! I mean that today people use all those virtual communities so much and the websites are becoming people's new realities. It's so hard to not be hearing anything about Facebook etcetera. I'm not judging you or anything. I'm not the right person to do that. I must admit something related to the topic. I'm a Facebook addict myself, so it's just easy to me to tell you why these social networks are so popular.
Facebook is like a drug. A drug with the most terrifying risks. At the beginning you don't even notice them. It's enough if your friends are signed up on the same site. And if the website has some kinds of apps like games, horoscopes, it's even better. That's why Facebook is such an over-popular network. But it's not the only one. Internet is full of these tricky virtual communities with the same risks as Facebook. For example Twitter. It's very easy virtual service where you can follow celebrities and your friends. You can "tweet" your mood of the day and your followers can star (as known as: like) and share it. 
One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of social network could be the easiness. That's why MySpace is not s successful a website as Facebook is.
People just need easy and simple activities to do in their spare time. A human is normally very social animal. We all know that. We have to express our feelings and mood by photos, videos, statuses and music. On Facebook and Twitter you can toy with all those elements whenever you want. On the same sites you can chat with your friends. What could be more perfect? Fresh air of course but... You know. ]]]]]

HEYYYWW!!! That is my composition in English. Haha, I'm kinda proud of it cuz I got 8,5 as a grade and WHOEPEE, the teacher liked my essay ! :P Happy happy happy happy ! Word-limit was between 150-250... I had over 300 words in my essay ^^ Heh. Anyway. Read it (yes, still talking bout my essay^^) and leave a comment. I know there's few (or even more) mistakes but......... D:
Mä toki olisin voinut kirjottaa laajemminkin asiasta mutta sanaraja tuli vastaan, minkä ylitin jo aika reilusti. Miiinusta tuli. Get used to it ;)



  1. Toi on vaan niin upee 8)
    Ihan kymppi plus plus ;D
    "You've probably heard people talking about Facebook and Twitter. And if you haven't, god you've been lucky!" -Favourite part, no doubt ::D
    Tulee mieleen sun kasvot ja silmät pyörähtää samaan tahtiin kuin pää... joo hankala selittää se kuva, joka päässä on :D

  2. Haha kiitti :DD Itekki oon hypersuperylpee tästä ! Jajoo, en kyllä nyt ihan hahmota tota sun mielikuvaa 8<<

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    Haittaneeko tuo (: